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FINQUES BEGUR Gestión Inmobiliaria Begur, S.L has a wide portfolio of real estate houses, flats and apartments.

INMOBILIARIA FINQUES BEGUR is a real estate office, open to the public, and constituted in April of 2015, with headquarters in the municipality of Begur, Carrer de la Creu 47 The 23 years of experience as real estate agents support us. We have a responsible and professional team that work day by day to improve their services and quality to the satisfy oour clients, as well as to favor and facilitate their objectives.

The Real Estate Company FINQUES BEGUR, despite the few years open to the public, is currently achieving a remarkable success in the estate market as intermediats for sale and purchases.

A guarantee for you is, that we are official agents, affiliated to the "API" Real Estate Property Association with the registered number. AICAT 7835

At present we have a large portfolio of second-hand villas whose price / status / year of construction are excellent. It is necessary to emphasize that we do not accept into our listing of houses and villas just any object. We only choose properties that pass through our very selective filter. In this way we achieve an excellent second-home product at the Costa Brava, which in some ocasión is transformed into first residence.

As buyers are becoming more demanding, we are sure that we have the real estate product that is meeting their needs. Currently can offer a selection of beautiful chalets with swimming pool.

Finally we invite you to come and meet us in our own office in Begur - Costa Brava or contact us directly by phone: +34 972 623017.

You may also write to us: e-mail: we and advise you to visit our website: Inmobiliaria Finques Begur can make your dreams come true by offering you the opportunity to find the ideal property at the Costa Brava