Regencós, rustic building with a plot of 20,000 m2


Rustic country house to reform
Construidos: 160 m2
Plot of 17.829 m2
Culture subplots


DESCRIPTION: The plot has an area of ​​1.7829 ha is divided into different plots of crops, vineyards, fruits, vegetables and others. A water tank feeds these 30 plots. Currently on the land has  a farmhouse been build, its conservation condition is good and with a number of bodies attached to each side of the housing. The property has services as electricity, water, sewedge drains and street lighting. The access road is now an earth path and should be paved to give more strength on rainy days and bad weather to avoid possible collapse of tenant's vehicles. There will be a separate access door to the area of ​​the house, through a metal gate similar to existing portal. In the future it could conclude renting the farmhouse. The parking will be placed at each parcelle, which should all be fenced to prevent access to anyone outside the Mas.

OBSERVATIONS: 1.1 PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT Land with 30 small plots of growing fruits and vegetables, and rent them at affordable prices for rural people (see map attached)and end of each culture piece, we will place a tool shed (each two) and water intakes and light provided by the property